How to buy ceramic tableware?

1. When choosing ceramic tableware, do not choose glaze decoration, especially the inner wall of ceramic tableware. You can choose underglaze or underglaze decoration, such as blue and white is a kind of ceramics that people like underglaze decoration.

2. When buying ceramic tableware, first soak and boil in vinegar water to remove most of the toxic substances and greatly reduce the potential harm of ceramic tableware to the human body.

3. Do not store acidic food and juice, wine, coffee and other beverages with ceramic tableware for a long time. Because the longer the ceramic tableware stores acidic food or beverages and the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equivalent to the toxic side effect of increasing the amount of lead dissolved.

4. Whether the appearance is normal and whether there is any damage. Spotted, bubbly, smooth, surface prickly, speckled. Even with cracked ceramic products, the lead in the glaze is easy to overflow, which is not suitable for tableware.

5. Select the porcelain decorated with gold and silver, wipe it by hand, and it is the top grade that does not fade.

6. After a few taps, the sound is crisp and the quality is good, and the dull or hoarse sound is an inferior product.

7. Most of the porcelain adhesives contain high lead content, so it is not suitable to make tableware after the porcelain is replenished.

8. The glazed surface of the porcelain surface burns at a temperature above 800 degrees, and it does not reach 800 degrees, and the low temperature glaze will cause harm to the human body. Porcelain at 1350 degrees is fine.

9. When purchasing a complete set of ceramic products, look at each piece of glaze color, picture, luster, and style.

10. Thin tire ceramic products should have a sense of transparency in sunlight or light, thin and light, and uniform in thickness.